Hello and Welcome to Mount Spokane Martial Arts!  We look forward to working with you and hope to assist and encourage you along your path to black belt! We aim to answer any questions you may have about classes, expectations, and what is in store for you along the way.

Our Teaching Style

       litleboy    Our teaching style is a blend of arts, not to be confused with mixed martial arts, or MMA. Opal has a background in traditional Taekwon Do, Commando Krav Maga, Self-Defense, Jiu-Jitsu, and weapons training. Felix has studied Taekwon Do, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and weapons as well. The basis of our teaching is Taekwon Do although we feel that much of what we bring from other styles helps to create a balanced and well-rounded student. We encourage cross training in other styles and at other schools and will occasionally bring in a guest teacher or offer a field trip to another school. We believe in keeping an open mind and a beginners mind. We will all be students for the rest of our lives.

Our Location / Facility

            *** Please note that we are no longer at Mt Spokane Church. Our new location is: 16819 N Madison Road Mead, WA 99021.

Important Class Information

     littlegirl       It is tradition in Eastern culture to bow as a greeting and a sign of respect, much like a hand shake in Western cultures. This is in no way a sign of worship. Mount Spokane Martial Arts does not teach Eastern religion or philosophy, we only use traditional methods of greeting not associated with deities or doctrine. To show our respect we bow to the space where we train as we enter and exit the classroom, to each other, and to the flags in gratitude to the countries that bring us the martial arts we practice. Typically a school will have flags hanging on the walls representing whichever countries gave us the styles we train in.

            We remove our shoes as we enter the mats. We train in bare feet because this allows our muscles to do the jobs they were created for. Shoes limit muscle strength and balance and the traction makes it very difficult to pivot our feet, limiting our kicking abilities and causing a hazard as we attempt techniques. Socks are slippery so must also be removed. Parents may wear shoes but students should place shoes and socks along the wall, out of the walk way so that nobody trips on them. Please also remove jewelry or other items which may get caught on fingers and toes.

 tkdkicker-gif           Class time is limited so we ask that students use the restroom and get drinks of water before class to limit breaks. Of course, we would never deny them bathroom use during class, but encourage preparedness so that we may maximize our time together.

Uniforms and Equipment

            We encourage students to try out classes a few times before purchasing a uniform or any equipment. As parents ourselves, we understand the frustration of purchasing gear only to have our kids lose interest quickly. Therefore we do not require any purchases upfront. Once the decision is made to continue, we do offer uniforms for $25 each. You are welcome to purchase them online yourselves but if you do I would recommend you check with one of us for sizing first. They do not come in normal clothing sizes and getting one that fits correctly is challenging. Gloves and shin guards are also recommended for class. Again, you are welcome to purchase them online yourself or through us. Basic shin guards are $20 and gloves vary according to what deals I can find at the time. Amazon is a good resource and we use the 14 oz. gloves in class.


  sword-gif          Tuition is $50 per month and is due at the beginning of the month. We offer family discounts as well. Following the regular Taekwon do class is Commando Krav Maga, a reality based self-defense and fitness class.  You may add this for $20 a month if you are a Taekwon Do student. Regular price is $50.

Curriculum - Belt Progression

            Our Taekwon Do curriculum and belt ranking guide is listed on the Curriculum page. We will cover all of the material in class except for the knowledge. It is the student’s responsibility to memorize this on their own time. We do not hold formal testing in class. When a student feels they have mastered any component of the curriculum (forms, sparring, self-defense, knowledge, or board breaking) they may bring it to the teachers’ attention. For each component they will earn a stripe, or tip, on their belt. When all five tips have been earned, we will see that they have achieved the knowledge and skills required to be awarded the next belt. Belts are awarded during regular class time.

    ralph-throw_gif        The black belt is just the beginning of this experience that seeks to improve mastery of self. No matter where life takes you, this will always be a part of you. Keep in mind that perfection is an insurmountable mountain that starts as flat ground and slowly goes uphill. Frustration is natural and its resolution is based upon perception. This class seeks to give you the tools to overcome any obstacle, but be as patient with yourself as we will be with you. Every kick, every punch, every movement, and every block will only increase your physical, mental, and spiritual skill set. And if you take nothing else from this, remember that the destination always ends, but the journey never ceases. Experience is everything and even if you do not commit to something such as this, please do everything in your power to truly know yourself.

            Please feel free to contact us at any time and for any reason. You may email, send a Facebook message, call, or text with any questions or concerns you may have. Please don’t forget to like us on Facebook under Mount Spokane Martial Arts!


Felix Bunton and Opal Harbert