OpalOpal Harbert
Opal has a background in traditional Taekwon Do, Commando Krav Maga, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, Eastern soft styles, and weapons training.  She is excellent at working with kids of all ages and strives to develop respect, discipline, and a love for martial arts in all her new students.


newinstructorJustin Hodgson
Justin Hodgson has been practicing martial arts for 18 years. He began his training in a traditional Taekwondo school that emphasized control, self-discipline and application. After moving from his small hometown, he studied many arts. Eventually finding a great teacher, he began his study in the ancient art of Baguazhang. This internal style came from southern China and is great for health, relieving stress, spatial awareness, balance, foot-work and self-defense. Coupled with Baguazhang, Justin teaches staff and various other weapons to manifest power, speed, endurance and strategy. While Baguazhang is known for its health benefits, Justin believes that the emphasis should always be application first and health second. In his classes, students start off with the basics along with applications and then emphasize the health benefits.
Justin shares his amazing skills with us on Monday nights from 7-8pm.
Drop in fee will be $5 for school members and $10 for non members.
Three Treasures Kung Fu



Felix Bunton

Felix has studied Taekwon Do, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and weapons.