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For the Monday night grappling crowd. ...

Міне біздің болашақ чемпиондар.Жарайсыңдар

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Mount Spokane Martial Arts shared Daily Vibes's Stronger People. ...

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If you would like to see some great jiujitsu, the Northwest Open will be taking place this weekend at the Spokane fairgrounds. I don't have anyone to fight so will just be helping out with this one, but there will be some great fighters on the mats! ...

Northwest Open Jiu-Jitsu tournament

January 6, 2018, 10:00am

It's official, the Northwest Open is back and even bigger than last year! Once again we will be located at the Health and Fitness Expo at the Spokane Fairgrounds. This two-day expo will be hosting both a Jiu Jitsu and CrossFit tournament, offers free fitness classes and seminars, plus has tons of booths full of fitness gear, supplements, and workout equipment. This expo will easily keep you entertained no matter what your health and fitness interests are.

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Mount Spokane Martial Arts shared Ron Engelman Krav Maga's video. ...

Sometimes being strong ain’t enough. You also have to be smart. Like it? Share it!

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Next time Adam Le comes. ...


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